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Limitless and creative working life – project course, 2 op

Come and learn how to create a solution from a problem and then a business concept from it. At the same time, you practice project work skills in a multidisciplinary group for working life. Registrations at Peppi before the start of the study period starting in August.

A student in the course

  • get skills for training and working life in a multidisciplinary group
  • deepens his communication skills, feedback-giving and receiving abilities needed in working life
  • develop their project skills
  • expand their networks
  • learns the basics of the innovation process and business concept creation

The unlimited and creative working life course is in Finnish and is implemented in cooperation with all fields of education, including students from the University of Eastern Finland and Savo Vocational College. In the course, you will also get to know various working life networks and actors.

This new course will be organized for the first time between October and November 2023, its duration is about one week, there will be three afternoons of orientation and guided group work, as well as independent group work. The dates will be specified during May.

ePath finally in English!

In the spring semester of 2024, the 5-credit ePath1 – Business Opportunity Recognition will be implemented. This course contains Havuja Bootcamp in the same way as the Finnish version. Havuja Bootcamp’s English-language, 2 credits, implementations have already been implemented in Savonia before and will continue to be implemented in cooperation with Business Center Pohjois-Savo. ePath is open to all those interested in studying entrepreneurship and innovation in English.

yPolku2 – From idea to customer work, 5 credits, and yPolku3 – Starting a business, 5 credits

yPolku2 and yPolku3 are non-stop study courses and open to anyone planning a business. These practical online courses of yPolu are complemented by personal coaching, which includes experts from Business Center Pohjois-Savo. For more information and registration for study courses, send an email to Marja Kauppinen,

More information:

Matti Laitinen,

Marja Kauppinen,

yPolku1 - Identifying a business opportunity, 5 credits, implementation again in January 2024

The implementation of the fall semester 2023, which was announced earlier, will be cancelled, this will be replaced by the above-mentioned Limitless and creative work course. The Finnish-language yPolku will start again in January 2024. If you are a YAMK student, more information about the yPolku1 course is provided by Ulla Pekkarinen,

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