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Business Center Pohjois-Savo’s business coaching services are aimed at all companies interested in business growth. We serve, among other things, in business development and the commercialization of innovations.

Havuja Business coaching

To whom? Regardless of the industry, for all companies operating in Pohjois Savo or expanding their operations there, with a desire to renew their business or a business idea aimed at growth and related development needs.

What? Tailored advice for the promotion of a business idea aimed at national and international growth. We use several methods and means for both individual and group guidance. Most commonly, we go through e.g. growth challenges, risk management, financing, product development processes and internationalization. The consultation is free of charge.

Why? You get new perspectives and confirmation to support the development, growth and change of your business idea and your team.

How? Contact our experts, let’s look together at your situation and your needs for guidance. First, we make an initial survey of your situation, based on which we plan the necessary follow-up measures with you.

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Marja-Leena Laitinen

Business advisor

Maarit Manninen

Business Promotion Officer

Clients’ experiences with Havuja Business advisory service

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Samu Lehtonen

CEO & Co-Founder, Marginum Oy

Havuja bootcamp

To whom? The program is open to both individuals and teams. It is aimed at promising ideas and their developers. A business idea can only be at the level of thought or an already completed concept. The work takes place either in a ready-made team, in a new team or in a sparring group. In the sparring group, everyone can develop their own idea forward also in interaction with other members of the sparring group.

Why? The program gives you the confidence to develop your idea into a success story or new ideas to consider and develop. You will learn new skills and get access to tools for teamwork, presentation, and the development of ideas and their concrete planning. Either way, you’ll benefit from the skills you’ve acquired in modern working life anyway. In addition, you have the opportunity to get the right to participate in the Havuja Accelerator startup program and the Draft program pitch event.

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Marja Kauppinen

Business advisor

Matti Laitinen

Innovation advisor

Tomi Tuovinen

Innovation advisor

Clients’ experiences with Havuja Accelerator

The mission of Nanoscale Oy is to develop smart ECO boards for humidity control with advanced nanotechnology. The ECO boards have the unique features of automatic control of humidity, no electricity consumption, maintenance free, formaldehyde free, zero carbon emission, a long lifetime (>30 years), and mildew-proof. ​

We attended entrepreneurship training of Bootcamp and participated Draft Program. With the 4000 € financial support, we have successfully developed the prototypes of ECO boards and registered the company of Nanoscale Oy.​

The Business Center provides very helpful entrepreneurial services. The specialists in the Center actively help start-ups to establish networks and connect various resources for business development.​

Wujun Xu


Havuja Accelerator

To whom? For companies that have been operating for less than two years or spin-off companies. Accelerator is suitable for startups in the North Savo region.

What? A training program lasting about a year for business development and to support the commercialization phase. The Havuja Accelerator startup acceleration lane offers coaching for advancing your business idea, applying for funding, and networking through various events and a mentor pool.

Why? The goal of the coaching is to speed up the development of your business idea and to avoid first-stage mistakes related to starting a business. Coaching helps you and your team develop your business skills and networks. Then your company has better opportunities for profitable business and obtaining financing.

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Tomi Tuovinen

Innovation advisor

Anu Häiväläinen

Business Promotion Officer

Clients’ experiences with Havuja Accelerator

Tomi is inspired by the desire to do things differently and thus be a career pioneer in a very traditional field. 25 years of experience in entrepreneurship in the construction industry. He highlights that even if the experts are not experts in their field, they have a lot to offer and unique contacts. The help is worth taking advantage of and being open to everything

Coaches can give:

Coaching and mentoring, program frameworks help in this matter, peer support. The Havuja Accelerator led Tom to structure and prioritize his business. Business Center support made Tom wake up to the importance of sharing information. Mentoring evenings have been a great way to make contacts that would otherwise have been quite impossible to make. 

Tomi Lindstrom

Sikkum täsmäkuivaus

Havuja Leap

To whom? Regardless of industry, for all companies that want to grow and remove growth bottlenecks. Small and medium-sized companies located in Pohjois Savo can participate in the LEAP growth service. You can participate in the service in all stages of business, where the company is looking for a new direction and strong business growth. The company must have at least two financial years behind it.

What? A growth service where we support your company’s growth with a coaching approach. The service is tailored to your company’s situation and needs.

Why? To develop your company’s ability to grow, to find business growth challenges and solve them, and to take advantage of new opportunities.

How? We make a business analysis for your company and, based on it, a customized growth plan, which includes a schedule and prioritized follow-up measures. Continuous search, 3–4 meetings, tools for your own work, events and trainings. (in finnish)

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Clients’ experiences with Havuja Leap

Koen, että LEAP sopii  kasvuhaluisille yrityksille, ja se tuo paljon lisäarvoa yrityksen kasvusuunnitelmaan sekä johtoryhmä- ja hallitustyöskentelyyn.

Pasi Pitkänen, toimitusjohtaja

Kumoni Oy

Kuopion Oheisharjoittelukeskus tarjoaa laadukkaan ja monipuolisen harjoittelutilan välineineen eri lajien ja kuntoilijoiden käyttöön. 

LEAP-kasvuohjelman kanssa yhteistyö aloitettiin keskuksen yritysanalyysistä pohtimalla yhdessä sitä missä yrityksessä ollaan ja minne ollaan menossa.  ”Olen kyllä tosi tyytyväinen. Liiketoiminta saa uusia ajatuksia. Varmasti sitä kautta saadaan kehittymään tätä meidän yritystä. Ollaan hyvällä tiellä tekemässä tätä asiaa.”​

Jarmo Malinen, toimitusjohtaja

Kuopion Oheisharjoittelukeskus Oy

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