Business idea development

To whom? For all those interested in entrepreneurship, who have their own budding business idea or have considered starting their own company.

What? Expert advice, extensive networks and programmatic service to develop a business idea from the idea stage to the next levels.

Why? Those thinking about entrepreneurship and early-stage companies often have the problem of not knowing how to start investigating the functionality of the idea or what free support is available. We are working to resolve this issue.

How? With our help, you learn to evaluate the potential of a business idea, research the market and competition, make a project plan to implement the idea, and pitch the idea successfully. In addition, you can get advice on obtaining financing and starting a business.

Our services include practical exercises and tools to make the idea concrete towards implementation. There is also personal sparring and networking opportunities with other entrepreneurs through the Business Center’s stakeholder groups.

We also offer start-up funding of max €4000 for potential business ideas through the Draft Program entrepreneurship program.

Below is one example of a typical path our customers take.

Contact us and start your journey towards building a successful business!

Contact us about business idea development

Matti Laitinen

Innovation advisor

Henkilökuva Risto Räsänen

Risto Räsänen

Business advisor

Henkilökuva Tomi Tuovinen

Tomi Tuovinen

Innovation advisor

Henkilökuva Harri Holopainen

Harri Holopainen

Innovation advisor

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