About us

Business Center Pohjois-Savo is a joint service network of six organizations for the development of entrepreneurship and business ideas and for strengthening the vitality and competitiveness of Eastern Finland.

The Business Center consists of: entrepreneurship and business development coaches and experts from Savonia University of Applied Sciences, the University of Eastern Finland, Savo Vocational College, the cities of Iisalmi and Kuopio, and Varkaus Navitas Kehitys Oy.

With the help of our extensive national and international network, we find our customers the best help and support for starting and developing their business. We also work in close cooperation with the ecosystems and clusters of Northern Savo.

The Business Center operated with project funding between 1 September 2018 and 31 August 2021. The total budget of the project was 2.2 million euros. The project was financed by Ely-Keskus Etelä-Savo (ESR) and the Federation of Pohjois-Savo (EAKR).

The project was found to be very necessary and successful as a whole, so the Business Center’s services were established.

Our vision, mission and values

Vision 2030

Business Center North Savo is a network of services which coaches businesses for responsible entrepreneurship and renewable business.

Business Center is locally and nationally known and internationally networked.


Business Center North Savo increases the area’s vitality by encouraging entrepreneurship, offering business and innovation coaching, entrepreneurship education and networks.

We operate in Pohjois-Savo as a promoter and unifier of the entrepreneurship and innovation network.