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NeuroChallenge Innovation Competition

We’re back for year 2023.


The seminar is on 3.11. online. Register to the seminar

We continue with the hackathon for the weekend on 3-5.11. on-site in the Kuopio campus! Register to the hackathon


What on earth is this OLVI-säätiö NeuroChallenge?

It’s a 48h long innovation competition,

with a mission of seeking solutions that promote better brain health of the aging population.

We have a total prize money of 20 000€ for the best teams.

Do you have an idea, or a solution – or just your burning will and enthusiasm – that might help us to fulfill our mission?


When & Where?

We will have preceding seminar on 3.11. that will give you scientific background, research and insights into the challenge theme. Read more here!

The hackathon competition will be a 48h social weekend of work and fun on 3-5.11. Read more here!


How it works?

Innovation is a team effort and NeuroChallenge is no exception. During one “hackathon-like” weekend and 48 hours the teams will define and develop their ideas into rock-solid solutions with a help of facilitated innovation process and hard-core mentors.

Although we encourage you to find your soulmates and form a team early on, you do not need to have either a team or specific solution ready before the event. Open mind and a burning heart is enough. On the other hand, if you do already have your dream-team, an idea, or a “hatching” solution that will somehow help solving the Grand Challenge, that’s just superb!


What else?

Prior to the NeuroChallenge event a professional Seminar is being organized. The Seminar shall give a scientific perspective to theme and topics of NeuroChallenge 2023. The aim is to provide solid academic background, and also, deeper understanding and clarity on those specific challenges of NeuroChallenge 2023.


03 - 05/11/23

The event is finished.