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Business Center Pohjois-Savon Havuja Bootcamp -ohjelman mainoskuva, jossa lukee For developing early business ideas, in english, 2 credits.


Havuja Bootcamp is the 1st stage of the Havuja business accelerator programme by Business Center North Savo.

Bootcamp is meant for anyone who has an initial business idea and would like to work on it. Participants get to develop their business idea in four intensive 2,5h workshops with the help of experts from Business Center North Savo. You don’t have to have a clear business idea ready. In the final session all teams get to present their business idea to the Bootcamp jury.

You can participate by yourself or as a team. You get two (2) credits from participating to your elective studies.

Havuja Bootcamp is actualized in English, and therefore, it is open to all exchange and international degree students in our educational institutions. Finnish students are naturally welcome as well.

Bootcamp sessions are held online via Zoom.

Havuja Bootcamp gives you:

  • Tools for developing your initial idea into a feasible business
  • Skills for pitching your business idea
  • Contacts that can help you with your business idea further
  • 2 credits for your elective studies
  • Access to the entrepreneurial community of Business Center North Savo
  • Guidance on how to continue your business idea development e.g., in Draft Program and get pre-seed funding of 4000 EUR

Programme objectives

Participant learns how to develop one’s own business idea with various tools and methods. They learn to do preliminary market research to demonstrate the feasibility of a business idea and how to do short- and long-term project planning to advance the business idea. Participant learns how to build a pitch deck and how to do a concise pitch presentation of one’s business idea.

Session themes and dates of autumn 2023

28.9. klo 16.00 Bootcamp session 1: Idea crystallization
3.10. klo 16.00 Bootcamp session 2: Market research
5.10. klo 16.00 Bootcamp session 3: Project planning
12.10. klo 16.00 Bootcamp session 4: Pitching training
24.10. klo 16.00 Bootcamp session 5: Pitching day

Registration deadline is 25.9.2023!
Registrations and inquiries:

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