A record number of applicants in North-Savo Draft in January – The program promoted a wide range of business ideas from different backgrounds

Five teams were funded in the Draft business idea program in the January round. There was a total of 34 teams who applied.

With the Draft program we promote the advancement of new business ideas and the commercialization of products and services. In practice, in the program’s coaching and through feedback, we help develop the team’s business idea so that it has better conditions for practical business. The team can join the program with, for example, a product idea, a service idea, a new business model or even a more traditional business idea.

However, during the application period, we emphasize that the team’s goal is to bring, for example, new business models or solutions to the industry. The solution may include new product features or different ways of using traditional services, even using digital technology. During the program, networks that are useful to the team will also be made available to them. Business Center North-Savo offers a wide variety of events and team shaves. Learn more about events and services at bcpohjois-savo.fi.

The next Draft application is coming up in April, and the applicant should prepare well for the application, for example through personal coaching together with our experts. All 12 teams selected for the January round in the first round and five in the second round had very different business ideas and skills. However, the round highlighted, for example, nutrition and food products as well as knowledge-based or research-based solutions.

Three applicants were awarded initial funding of €1,000

1. Jawahar Deen Ashik– University of Eastern Finland.

The business idea is to establish an aquaculture operation for certain products in North Savo using the latest research and technology. The global demand for sustainably sourced and locally produced specialty foods is growing, and Finland is no exception in this regard.

2. Eelis Komulainen – University of Eastern Finland.

The business idea is a solution to speed up the processes of pharmacies operating in Finland. The idea is to create a more cost-effective, faster and more reliable application to replace the previous ones.

3. Johanna Vilola – Savo Vocational College.

The business idea is to create regional adventure experiences in a new way, where customers have the opportunity to be together in nature and are given opportunities to solve various game-based puzzles.

Two applicants were awarded €3,000 in follow-up funding

1. Tero Puustinen – University of Eastern Finland.

The business idea is based on a new medical innovation from the risk analysis program for aortic dilatation rupture. Doctors can use the program to identify high-risk patients more effectively than current clinical practice and refer them for preventive aortic surgery. In addition to saving human lives, the program reduces the need for follow-up imaging of patients, which leads to shorter imaging queues and thus significant cost savings in healthcare.

2. Hannu Matilainen – Savo Vocational College.

The business idea is to provide landscape and nature care services. The area of expertise also includes the structures of hiking trails and their maintenance, construction, and maintenance work. The novelty value in the business idea is the work done according to the values and guidelines of traditional construction.

Big congratulations to all the teams selected and funded in the round!

The selections for the first phase of the draft and the subsequent phase were made by a multi-member team consisting of entrepreneurship experts from Business Kuopio, Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Savon University of Applied Sciences and the University of Eastern Finland.

The next round of Draft is in May. Application instructions can be found on the program’s website at https://draftprogram.com/en/apply-in-kuopio/ 

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